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Helo-Gunners was founded by two air-to-ground combat survivors, Jeff Hall and Chris Hayes. All Helo-Gunner instructors are LE and/or military combat veterans.

Based on actual police air-to-ground combat, aerial gunnery is designed for the police or military group using helicopters for patrol, insertion, or interdiction. This class teaches the operator to effectively engage targets from a moving helicopter. This class is a must for any organization that puts armed officers into helicopters!

Courses:   Operator (2-3 days),   Instructor (5 days)

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Featured on History Channel's Sniper: Deadliest Missions

Jeff Hall is one of the only US police officers to win an air-to-ground firefight against an armed criminal, on 5/19/84 at Manley Hot Springs, Alaska. The incident was featured on the History Channel's Sniper: Deadliest Missions.

Check out the clip below!