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Designated Marksman

This class emphasizes the use of optics (scopes) on patrol rifles. The AR platform, or a light bolt action rifle, is appropriate.

Topics covered include the use of cover, supported shooting, selection of optics, position shooting; ranges will be from 10 to 100 yards, emphasizing single, fight-stopping hits.

This is not a sniper class- there are no adjustments to the scope, but the shooter must know the ballistic chart for the weapon/ammo combination he uses. The class focuses on what most officers actually do - remain in a static position until taking a required body shot, from a position of cover and support.

Two days. Instructor certification is also offered.

EQUIPMENT: 500 rounds, normal range equipment, defensive carbine, quality scope (1.5x5 or fixed 3 or 4 power, Leopold HAMR or variable recommended), knee / elbow pads optional

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