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Defensive Rifle (DR) 1-2

Prerequisite: Intro. To handguns/NRA basic pistol/Front Sight, T. Ranch, Gunsite.

Defensive Rifle 1


DR1 explores the use of the light rifle in defensive situations within handgun ranges. Topics include weapon selection, ammunition, optics, slings, and accessories. Stance, mounting, cheek weld, ready positions, firing positions, loading, unloading, speed and tac loads, malfunctions, etc. are covered

Defensive Rifle 2


DR2 builds on DR1. Topics covered include use of cover, position shooting, movement, increasing speed and accuracy at close range, and distance to 250 yards.


A quality rifle of any type (auto, bolt, pump, lever actions) in calibers from .22LR to .308; the AR15 type rifle is suggested. Each shooter will need eye and ear protection, 4-5 magazines, sling, magazine pouches/bag, and appropriate clothing. A shooting mat is suggested. The ammunition count is 400-500 rounds.

Note: in all classes, bring lunch, water, sports drinks, snacks, an open mind and a good attitude. Force Options retains the right to eject disruptive or unsafe students, with the forfeiture of tuition.

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